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When AHEAD released the first album in August 2017 on iMusician, the head of AHEAD, the Swiss Christoph Gut, had realized his childhood dream of making songs without the influence of a record label and at the same time of being able to show them to a bigger audience.

It is really his own project, recorded and produced in the UK and Switzerland by world-class producer Jonathan Wood. But it took time, a lot of time and only the technological skills of today made it possible to happen. When you listen to the first output -the album CORRIDORS OF TIME- you take a look at songs mostly written twenty or even more years ago. Nevertheless, they don’t sound dated. They emerged without pressure and are pure to this man’s world.

With songs like Tomorrow’s gate, Morning light and the title track (Days and Nights of Rain) the energy and hit potential is perceptible.

And I can tell you that CORRIDORS OF TIME is even more than that: It is a concept album. Enjoy!

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